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What I Do

FOCUS. I can't say it enough...focus on developing strategy and the design that results from it.

Form Meet Function

I live and breathe design, and believe the best of the best is spurred by a passion for precision and supported by sound market research and strategy. Design is truly the application of good strategy. It comes alive with intuition and instinct. All projects are multi-channel and multimedia, encompassing a mix of the services listed below.

Strategy & Ideation
—    Brand positioning
—    Brand purpose
—    Brand voice
—    Brand architecture
—    UX/CX
—    Naming
—    Taglines & Messaging
—    Brand Standards

—    Brand identity design
—    Presentations
—    Collateral
—    Conference & Event Materials
—    Packaging & Point-of-Sale

Photography & Video

—    Lifestyle
—    Fashion
—    Corporate Events
—    Food and products

—    Website design

—    Presentations
—    App Design
—    Front-end development
—    Social strategy
—    Social Media set-up
—    Social Media assets and content

Contact: 310-210-6162

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